Sunday, October 22, 2006

Cycles & Bikes & Workout

For some reason I am starting to get the itch for riding a motorcycle again. It has been some time since I sold my last cycle and I haven't really missed it until recently.

I also miss riding my electric recumbent bicycle. I still have it, but since the move I haven't found anywhere reasonable to ride it. Traffic in this area is a joke and without a bike path it is suicide riding on the roads. Nobody obeys the speed limit, they talk on their cell phones while driving, and don't pay attention. I did take the bike for a spin twice last week and hope to in the morning.

After being hit by a car last year, while riding my bicycle, and being run off the road several times, I have gotten cautious. I still like riding for exercise though. Unfortunately I sold my mountain bike so I cannot go off-road riding anymore. It is tough getting a good workout on the street while riding a recumbent. It is still fun though.

Since the bicycle has an electric motor, I never have to worry about being too tired to ride home. If I want a good workout I just leave the motor off and pedal. If I want to go fast, I can hit the throttle and pedal really fast and still get a great aerobic workout.

I recently started running in hopes to get my endurance back so I can go back to Tae Kwon Do (TKD). It has been a while since I have trained, but I really miss it. I miss the incredible workouts too. It will be great jumping in the hot tub after a tough TKD class.