Sunday, October 29, 2006

22 bottles later

Well, we had a great Halloween party last night. Over 60 people showed up. After 22 bottles of red wine later most of the women were drunk. Oddly enough most of the men didn't drink and were the Designated Driver's (DD).

The big mistake was the fact that red wine doesn't mix very well with white carpets. Though we were able to get all the spills out without much difficutly. There were a lot more spills than I expected. LOL

Unfortunately the wind was pretty bad out yesterday, which made it much colder and nobody wanted to be outdoors. So everyone hung out inside. The best part is that we were not crowded in the new house. Had we been in the old house, it would have been much more crowded.

The best part was that Melissa had to sleep on the floor because the ceiling was spinning. LOL