Thursday, October 26, 2006

Tub ready for use

The hot tub is finally ready for use. We jumped in it tonight and it was great. We turned the temp down from 102* to 100* because it felt a bit too warm.

The lighting system on the tub is pretty cool, it has a variety of settings.

I hooked up some speakers in the backyard next to the hot tub this evening and they sound excellent. I was jamming to a U2 cd with the jets on and it sounded pretty good. I accidentally hit the wrong button on the radio and cranked the speakers to almost full blast. The neighbors dog didn't like that at all and freaked out.

I posted some photos in the Other Stuff album of my photo gallery. I will post some more with the trench filled in later. It was nice jumping in the tub after digging and filling in that ridiculously long trench.

Next I have to build a set of stairs on the other side of the deck, and make the walkway so we can easily access the tub. Even after the stairs are built it will still be a bit of a walk.