Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Hot Tub Purchase

Well, we finally made the purchase of a hot tub today. We checked out dozens and the one we decided on was the Hot Springs Envoy (HSE). We chose that over the Thermospa Gold (TG). After we talked the Thermospa salesman down about $4000 and the tubs were roughly the same price we made a decision. The HSE ended up actually being about $2500 less expensive in the long run.

We were able to wet test the HSE, but not the TG. It is always interesting walking into a store in your bathing suit, jumping in the tub and watching everyone's reaction. Many people don't realize the reason the tubs have water while on display is specifically for customer sampling.

Thermospa has a lot of complatins through the Better Business Bureau.

Tivo Sucks

I don't recommend purchasing a Tivo directly from Tivo. Their customer service sucks, there hardware is garbage and it seems to me they try their best rip you off.

We have had a Tivo for about 2 years and it has been nothing, but headaches. I would have never purchased one if I would have know there would be so many hardware failures, and poor customer service.

At one time they had nearly 300 complaints filed with the Better Business Bureau. Unfortunately I realized this "after" I made the mistake of purchasing the lifetime package.

I have spend more time and effort fixing, and talking to customer support than it is worth to me. Anytime I call customer support I end up on the phone for hours because they don't have a clue what is causing the problems.

Then they try to charge you $150 for a new box because the original box was a piece of shit. After fighting with them for about 3 hours we were able to get it covered under the warranty price of $50, which is still a joke. We have gone through 4 Tivo boxes as a result of faulty hardware and are still trying to get this damn thing fixed.